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Avon Tyrrell Thursday

Final day here at Avon Tyrrell and another scorcher! 


The children yet again slept well and a cooked breakfast awaited them once more.  Over the course of the week, the children have now completed all activities: abseiling, climbing, canoeing, raft building, sports, orienteering, bush craft, zip wire, art sculptures, archery, shelter building, a hike and finally team building.  As you can see by all the photos this week, the children have had a great time and really pushed themselves conquering fears along the way.  The wonderful aspect about this trip is that happy memories are made and it really is a lovely send off before they embark on their new journey.  


Today Miss McGuire, Miss Sparkes and Mr Oliver said their farewells at lunch time as they had their end of year celebrations to mark them becoming newly qualified teachers.  We would both like to take this opportunity to wish them luck and thank them for all they have done this week.  They have definitely helped to make it a week to remember for Year 6.  Miss McGuire and Miss Sparkes have been great this year and have formed such positive relationships with your children.  They have certainly helped to make this year one to remember! 


As we waved good bye to the trio (see photos) we were bombarded by our celebrity surprise guest - finally we are allowed to let the secret out off the bag.  Mr Barber is in the building!  His happy zest for life gave all the tired children the lift they needed.  As if this was not enough, he was soon joined by the lovely Mr Woodward and Mr Deery - a perfect way to celebrate the last full day here at Avon Tyrrel!  Mrs House was certainly pleased to see her old year 6 team back together once again.  Sadly, not everyone saw it this way as poor Mr May felt a little bit out of the loop.  Not that he is bothered (see photo below) or at least that is what he tells us!  However, Mrs House was very loyal to both old and new and before too long all the animosity was squashed!


For this evenings entertainment, a disco is currently booming out.  We would be surprised if it isn't echoing across the whole of the New Forest but then again it is rather big!  


Just to say, a nail biting football match also needs to take place tonight as yesterday evening 6M fought back strong from 2-1 down to win 3-2 and tie the series between two very evenly matched sides.  Who will win and be crowned the Avon Tyrrell winner?


This truly has been a fantastic week -  a perfect way to end the year.  We have both thoroughly enjoyed teaching such a lovely group of children and they will be sorely missed next year.  Their little characters make us laugh often and they have been a joy to have around. We are sure they will continue to impress their new schools and hopefully pop back and say hello!  Thank you for all your continued support over the year - especially helping with Guided Reading.


Finally, a trip like this could not take place if we did not have such a great, enthusiastic and supportive team.  A big thanks to:  Mrs McMahon, Miss Ayers, Mr Tooby, Miss McGuire, Miss Sparkes, Mr Lewis (when he is awake!), Mr Oliver, Mr Deery, Mr Woodward and to the wonderful Mr Barber for making our day by coming down to see us all.  One last thank you must go to James Blyth, who has led super bush craft sessions and team building activities, which have added further excitement to an already action packed week. You have all been stars!


Happy almost weekend and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.  A text will go out tomorrow to confirm the arrival time.


For the last time the bloggers are signing off,


Bree House and Dave May 


P.S. some disco photos will follow shortly