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Avon Tyrrell Tuesday

Guess what?  The number one bloggers from the New Forest (which is very big!) are back!  What a day it has been!


Surprisingly, the children all had good sleeps which means happy adults!  In fact, many had to be woken up this morning.  A popular question this week so far has been: "When is the best time for me to have a shower?"  They really do like to keep themselves clean - let's hope this continues!


A scrumptious fry up greeted us this morning alongside a selection of various cereals.  Coco Pops seemed to be quite a favourite.  However, other brands are available!  The children seemed very chuffed with the fact they could have cereal and a fry up!  Happy Days!


Today the children were introduced to an Anton friend - James Blyth, who is an experienced outdoor leader.  In fact, he took holiday leave to be with our children over the next couple of days.  As a result of his experience, the children have been able to take part in a range of bush craft activities, which even ended with delicious s'mores being enjoyed by one and all. 


The children have actively taken part in a range of activities today: zip wire, climbing, canoeing, raft building, team building, orienteering, bush craft and archery.  The children have done you all  proud!  An amazing result even occurred in archery today ... England (one of the kids) actually got to and won a final!  


Lunch was again very popular and extremely eventful.  Fish and chips was enjoyed by the majority; however, Mrs House was very much looking forward to a jacket potato, as she spotted a mountain of tuna mayo with sweetcorn.  A perfect combination!  Shockingly, by the time she had got to the front of the line, the mountain was a mere dollop.  When scanning the room, it was evident that this mountain was being devoured by a child with a clear love of tuna mayo.  A dry jacket potato doesn't quite hit the mark!


Soon enough it was time for the afternoon activities where once again all children were a credit to the school and enthusiastically got involved.  Just when Mrs House started to enjoy life again with the cool afternoon breeze by the lake, a sorry sight caught her gaze ... 'HOT TUNA' water shoes.  As she looked up, the same child in question was laughing hysterically as they modelled their latest fish fashion.  Thankfully though, Mrs House got the last laugh.  The child in question 'somehow' got up close and personal with his fishy friends.  At least I am sure there will be plenty of tuna left next time!  See photos for evidence!


You may have remembered our thoughts on the questionable shade choices yesterday and today was no different.  My May was rocking a pair of blue tinted aviators claiming there were this Summer's must have.  I am sure you can make your own judgement on that!  If anyone wants to follow Mr May's trend setting ways then pop into H&M (other brands are available) for a variety of colours.


Back to what is really important - the amazing year 6.  It really has been a lovely couple of days enjoyed by all.  We are about to head out to play a massive game of sardines (fish boy better watch out!) so we will now leave you with a VAST amount of photos for you to enjoy.  Please look out for the photo of Miss Sparkes conquering her fears when zooming down the zip wire!  Although, the kids were far braver!  


Bree House and Dave May

Still voted by the public as the number 1 bloggers in the whole of the New Forest.

Best Newcomers to the blogging world 2018