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Avon Tyrrell Wednesday

The number 1 bloggers are back!


What another great day it has been and we have also celebrated a birthday too!  


After the children watched a film last night, they all went up to bed and slept well.  In fact, when us adults woke up this morning, we could only hear the birds singing and there was no sound of children laughing, giggling or chatting away!  What a delight it was!! Once more, we had to wake all the children up.


A British fry up was not on offer today but instead the children enjoyed a continental breakfast of: croissants, pain au chocolats, ham, cheese and yoghurts.  It was a lovely change but don't worry good old coco pops were still on the menu and of course a popular choice!


Once again, James Blyth joined us so that more groups could carry out 'bush craft' and various team games.  I have to say that we had the pleasure of watching one of his sessions today.  Lighting fires, bread making (that was why the salt and brown sugar was needed - if you were around on Monday morning to wave us off you may have noticed these two items being put on the bus, taken off and then put back on!).  The bread and s'mores were devoured by the children and it was lovely to see children tasting toasted marshmallows sandwiched between two chocolate biscuits for the very first time.  If you have not tried one yourself then we highly recommend them.  A very nice but naughty elevensies!! 


The children carried out various activities - a new one was abseiling.  All the children (and staff) have got stuck in and made the most of what has been another memorable day. It may come as no surprise to you that many of the children managed to get drenched during some of the lake activities, although they all insisted that this was completely accidental!  Thank goodness for the Avon Tyrrell drying room.  Saying of the day was when one child asked, "When will the drying room finish so that I can open the door, as I need my 'hot tuna' water shoes?"  We think he assumed it was a very large walk in tumble dryer or he was still trying to remind Mrs House of her still very raw (no pun intended) saga from yesterday!


The food was excellent and pizza and chips was a popular choice for lunch followed by a lovely BBQ this evening with ice-cream. To finish off dinner we all sung 'Happy Birthday!' to a lovely member of the year group and a mega chocolate cake was shared.  See photos below of the candles being blown out. 


A talent show has just finished and a variety of acts were confidently delivered: singing, magic tricks and comedy were some of the fab talents on show.  However, we are unsure of the winner as we left that tricky decision to the very capable Mr Oliver, Mrs McMahon and Miss McGuire.


As promised from yesterday, attached below are the bedroom photos and each room decided on how they wanted to pose for the photo shoot! We hope you enjoy! 


It is now time for us to sign off as we have a big game of tig to play and then film time!  The children have been a joy to be around and have even been praised by the Avon Tyrrell staff for their excellent behaviour and enthusiasm.  Time really is flying by for all.  


Bree House and Dave May

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