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East Dene Thursday - PICCIES FROM TODAY!

Hi There,


You will be pleased to hear (though not as pleased as we all were) that the children slept longer and later last night. They were so tired after a very full day that they all went straight off to sleep. This morning when I sneaked out for my run, there wasn’t a single sound from any room. Happy Days!


Last night we had great fun with a Murder Mystery evening last night. As I predicted the kids thoroughly enjoyed guessing who had committed the dastardly dead – unsurprisingly they all thought it was Mr Yates and even when the evidence unequivocally pointed to his innocence, they still thought it was him! In fact, the frightening fiend was actually Mr Lewis; they do always say it’s the quiet ones!


Breakfast was again a triumph with lots of choice and plenty of food to go around. Lunch was a packed lunch with the additional hot choice of chicken goujons. We really have been very well fed this week.


I just want to reiterate that again today there are no children upset at missing home. I am sure that like me they will be glad to get home tomorrow, but really to have had no serious homesickness is terrific.


Today we carried on with the activities that I listed on the website last night, so that by the end of the day everyone will have done all of the activities. Hopefully you did note that I said last night that I was not going to be able to get as many piccies on the website tonight, but hopefully you like the ones I have posted – the bedroom ones are particularly nice.


I really cannot stress enough what a super trip this has been, I never take for granted how much you have to pay for these excursions, but honestly the experiences the kids have had this week have been worth every penny. To see children making new friends, helping each other, eating together happily and working together as little teams really does make it all worthwhile.


Until you have actually been on a residential trip yourself, it is difficult to understand quite how tiring it is. I have to tell you that the members of Team Anton who have been here with your children this week have been absolutely amazing – they have done everything that they can to make sure your children have (as we said at the beginning of the week) made some lovely memories. In addition, the staff here at East Dene have been fab – they too have gone out of their way to ensure the children have a great week.


Just to reiterate that we will be back around 3.30pm tomorrow, but if there is any change to this our super office staff will let you know. I know this sounds obvious, but please make sure you are there to meet your child tomorrow, as occasionally one or two children get upset if their parents are late to collect them.


Cheers for now,


Tom Dx