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East Dene Tuesday - MORE PICCIES

Here are some ipad pics from various points in the day today. I rotated all these pics on my PC before I uploaded them so it is annoying that they have reverted to their original orientation! Apologies for that!


As I said in the other news item from East Dene today, the children have been very excited all day today. BUT there is one person who has been even more excited than any of the kids - and that is the lovely Mr Yates who has been absolutely loving life today! If Mr Yates was a 'Mr Men' character he would definitely be 'Mr Happy'.


To be fair all the Anton staff have been brilliant today. They have worked their little socks off to make sure that your children have had a great first day here on the Island. I felt a tiny bit sorry for one member of staff and that is Mr Deery. The reason he has had my sympathy is that one of the leaders here thinks his name is MR DREARY! She has been calling him MR DREARY all day long and referring to him by this name when she addresses the kids. My instant reaction when I heard this was to quietly tell the leader that it is in fact DEERY and not DREARY but when I saw quite how much amusement Miss Croxford and Miss Smyth were getting from this something stopped me!! In fairness, Mr Deery (like Mr Dockree) has of course been brilliant with the children and has been anything but dreary!


The pictures show you some of the activities we have been up to day and hopefully also illustrate how beautiful the weather has been.


I am sure the children will sleep well tonight - I will let you know tomorrow!


Kind Regards,


Tom Dx