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More of Avon Tyrrell Tuesday

Just a few more photographs, as we didn't feel we gave you enough to view earlier.  Rumour has it that a further accolade for photography may soon be on its way - another string to our bow!


A tense football match was played tonight - 6H v 6M and guess what the result was?   Yep 6H won!  The score was very close: 5-4.  I am not sure who was more excited Mrs House or the 6H boys!  Mr May was last seen kicking dust, sulking and feeling rather disheartened - in fact rather embarrassed similar to the feeling that he felt when left on stage this time last week!  A rematch is going to take place tomorrow evening for 6M to restore some pride. 


The children are now enjoying a movie.  We have attached some photos of them settled in for the night.  Bedroom photos will follow tomorrow, as I am sure you are keen to see who their room mates are!


Bree & Dave