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Year 3 Camp - final night!

Well...we made it! We are officially all back in one piece (just about - even if a little sleep deprived!) and Mr Clarke has gone to 'de-camp' and take all the tents down! The children have all had such a fantastic time - we must apologise in advance if they now beg you to take them ;-) Highlights of yesterday's trip include: the peg game (where each child had to find a numbered peg, except for one peg which nobody could find...because Mr Sherfield still had it in his pocket!), the talent show round the campfire (where Mr Deery took one for the team and performed on behalf of the staff...I wanted to upload the video, but he said he can't find the footage?!) and orienteering where one of the clues ended up in the animals' drinking water! All fun and games down at the camp - never a dull moment! I can wholeheartedly say that being in that beautiful woods, surrounded by amazing countryside really was an experience second to none - even if it wasn't all that peaceful! I'm sure the kids will sleep well this weekend - the staff certainly will! Well done Team Anton for such a successful Year 3 residential.