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Year 3 Camp - Night One!

We are pleased to report that we had an incredibly successful first night at camp! All of the children were absolute superstars. Some of them were even asking for bed at half 7! Who would've thought?! On arrival they were allocated their tents and given some tent time to unpack with their new campmates. We then played a variety of forest games, including human rock, paper and scissors (not as scary as it sounds!). After den building, we settled down for our lunch - being in the forest is hungry work! The afternoon consisted of orienteering and more forest games - the children loved being in the great outdoors. After our delicious dinner of pizza and/or tangy meatballs with rice (I've heard there were thirds involved if ever there was such a thing!), we were able to pop down to the vegetable garden on site to dig up some potatoes! Who knew they grew underground before appearing on supermarket shelves?! Finally, we enjoyed a story and songs around the campfire with a toasted marshmallow or two to boot. The perfect end to a perfect day out in the woods! The children slept soundly - even if up a little early the following day ;-) Stay tuned for an update on day two! Thanks for reading.