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School Council Police Speed Check

On Friday 12th September Police Community Support Officers Alex Carter and Chloe Dunmall ,along with Special Inspector Bob Cook and Special Constable Laura Dunford from Hampshire Constabulary paid a visit to school to carry out a speed check in the school vicinity.  The purpose of the visit was to raise public awareness about the importance of maintaining a safe speed, especially around our school.
Following a brief demonstration by the officers, 16 members of The School Council  and Lily Parry donned reflective jackets and attempted to catch speeding motorists on Barlows Lane, outside the school’s front gates. One unnamed driver was given a verbal warning to slow down, happily however, all other motorists in the area at the time seemed to be adhering to the 30mph speed limit. The School Councillors were very excited to be taking part in such an important operation, “It was exciting because we got to hold the speed camera and we caught one person,” said one School Councillor.”
The visit came about after a concerned parent suggested it as an idea at the end of last term. Hampshire Police were extremely helpful and only too happy to come along and carry out the check. I am of course thankful that most people were driving with due care and attention on this occasion and feel that it was a valuable message to send to local drivers.
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