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School Council visits

Last week some members of the school council went to London to a school called St Aloysius where we met their School Council. It is in the centre of London in a place called Euston. They gave us a tourĀ of the school and we got to work in their classrooms for the morning. Their school setting is very different from ours as the area is very built up and they have no field to practice their games on. The school is also on four floors which seemed very strange. They do however, have a roof top playground and that was cool. Many things were similar - some of the topics were the same and the all of the children were really friendly.
This week on Monday, the children from the London school visited us. It was amazing to see their reaction when they got out of the minibus - they were so happy to see trees and grass! We had a super day with them and they enjoyed joining in with our lessons. We are hoping that this link will continue as we got on so well.