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Anton Friends Parent Teachers Association consists of parents and staff from both Anton Junior and Anton Infant Schools.


The Officers of the Committee, elected at the AGM on 3rd October 2017, are:
Chairperson - Sharon Eaves

Vice Chairperson - Laura Vale

Treasurer - Kirsten Hill

Secretary - Evette Curtis

Infants School Reps
Kelly Bird (Headteacher), Vicki Peterson (Deputy Headteacher)
Louise Payne (YR Teacher) and Beth Trenchard (Y1 Teacher)
Junior School Reps
Tom Donohoe (Headteacher)
Nicola Wells and and Jodie Williams (Assistant Headteachers)

Current Committee Members are:
Ruth Bickell; Aimi Budd; Sharon Duffield; Katie Fielder; Abby Goddard;
Clare Lambert; Caroline Laurillard; Gemma Leonard; Sue Robinson;
Katie Uren; Mela Williams; Susan Wyeth.
Auditor -  Adrian Wise
Authorised Signatories - Kirsten Hill, Sharon Eaves, Katie Uren and Tina Hawkins
Charity Trustees - Sharon Eaves, Katie Uren, Kirsten Hill, Evette Curtis and Adrian Wise