Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Year 3

Spring Term 2

Year 3 kicked off Spring 2 with a fantastic trip to Butser Farm learning all about the Romans and Celts! Even though it was a bit cold, we had a fun-filled and very educational day. We sat inside a roundhouse with a real fire in the middle to experience how the Celts would have lived and learnt all about how they built their homes. We were then able to compare a Celtic house with a Roman one as we had a tour around a building that replicates a Roman Villa. After seeing some examples of Roman mosaics, we worked in pairs to create our own. We also learnt how to play a Roman board game called Bear, which was very fun but quite difficult! Year 3 were very good archaeologists and found many different artefacts to discuss during an archaeological dig. The guides at Butser Farm told us about the different materials that last underground and clues around how to tell the age of an object. Making Celtic jewellery was a popular but fiddly activity! We looked at some designs first and then used wire and pliers to create Celtic-style rings or bracelets. It was an excellent day that has really supported the children’s knowledge and enthusiasm throughout our Romans topic this half term.


Year 3 really enjoyed the visit we had from the author Jenny Sanders. She shared some of her own work and delivered a workshop where the children had an opportunity to write their own poems. Everyone worked very hard on a dragon themed poem, some of which were shared during our Poetry Slam celebration. We were very proud of Joe, Chloe, Sophia and Jacob, who bravely shared their poems in front of the whole school!


Year 3 spent a fantastic afternoon working with portrait artist, Jet Treacy. She showed us some of her own portrait paintings and demonstrated how to create a portrait in charcoal using Mrs Sole and Mrs Channer as models. The children then produced four portraits of their own, each time trying a different approach: using their non-dominant hand; keeping their charcoal on the paper at all times; not looking at the paper at all whilst drawing; and a final self-portrait using a mirror. The results were truly impressive!

In science, this half term has seen Year 3 learn about light. We learnt about the importance of reflective clothing to be seen in the dark. Another highlight was testing different materials for transparency and opacity to consider which would make the best curtains. They also enjoyed learning about how the eye works by looking at an eyeball made from a ping pong ball and making a poster to help people keep their eyes safe.


The children have worked very hard this half term and we are extremely proud of them. We wish them all a restful and fun Easter break and are looking forward to seeing them back in the Summer term for another eventful and fun-filled term.


Butser Farm Visit March 2023

We are extremely proud of all the hard work year 3 has completed over this half term. During our Design and Technology topic, we have learnt all about bridges and had so much fun designing and building our own bridges to go over the River Thames. In English, we have been learning about London by collecting facts from A Walk in London by Salvatore Rubbino. We used fronted adverbials to add extra detail and came up with some brilliant subheadings! We have also begun to learn about refugees while using simple, compound and complex sentences to talk about them. Our science topic has been rocks. We have looked at the different types of rocks and how fossils are formed which included some chocolate-y fun! In PE, we have had lots of fun practising our aim in dodgeball and learning all about street dance. The children did some amazing performances of their own street dances that they choreographed as a team. We hope all the children have a lovely half term and look forward to seeing you after half term.

Autumn Term 2


We are extremely proud of all the hard work year 3 has completed over this half term. During our history topic, we have learnt all about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We enjoyed a trip to Andover’s Iron Age museum where we explored artefacts, made models of roundhouses and created our own Iron Age characters. In English, we have been focusing on prepositions and organising our work into paragraphs with sub-headings, through writing instructions based on the text ‘How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth’. The children really worked hard on using detailed vocabulary to ensure Stone Age people would know how to take good care of a pet mammoth. Our science topic has been animals including humans. We have looked at food groups we need to eat to be healthy and we did an investigation to find out how much sugar is in different drinks. We also learnt about invertebrates and vertebrates and the skeleton and muscles in a human body. We braved the mud and cold to enjoy a morning of tree planting very close to school, in Bury Hill. It was fantastic to see the children getting stuck in with measuring, digging and placing mulch around their different trees. We want to wish all the children and families a very happy Christmas break. We look forward to seeing you all in January for another great term.

Autumn Term 1


We are so proud of the way Year 3 have started at Anton Juniors. We have had a brilliant half term full of learning and fun. We have enjoyed finding out about the Lake District in geography and have created some beautiful landscape paintings in art. In Science, we have learnt all about plants and pollination and have carried out some experiments to find out what plants need to survive. The children have produced some fantastic pieces of descriptive writing in English and worked extremely hard across a range of topics in maths. We can’t wait for another fantastic half term with the Foxes and Owls after the break.