Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Year 4

Avon Tyrell (Photo's of the children will be uploaded on their return to school)

Day 2 at Avon Tyrell


What a beautiful, sunny Spring day we have had! 


The tree top trail was a huge success and all teachers are incredibly proud of the bravery, determination and perseverance every single child showed whilst swinging in the tree tops! Even the teachers got to show their monkey skills. Canoeing was a little easier today with less wind. I can report no soggy children! 


Last night we went on an adventure in the dark. Miss Culver was extremely scared but the children were a huge support and looked after each other whilst learning some incredible science tricks! 


We can't wait for Mr Ewen's guitar concert this evening and our last few adventures tomorrow! 😁


Day 1 at Avon Tyrell


We have had a great, fun packed first afternoon!


Some of us have shown our Robin Hood skills in archery whilst others have paddled against the wind in canoeing. We have found rare newts in pond dipping and shown what an incredible team we are in geocaching and on the challenge course. Due to the crazy wind here this afternoon, we have postponed our Tree Top Trails until tomorrow. We are looking forward to dinner as the food at lunch time was delicious! 


Spring Term 1

The children have had a great start to the year! In history they have explored the Vikings and decided whether they were ‘raiders or traders’ but creating a museum exhibit of items they would choose to educate people about them in their books. In PE, the children have enjoyed learning about a new sport, Handball, and were able to develop their team work and hand-eye coordination skills. In English, the children have used the book, Odd and the Frost Giants, to create instructions how to build a rainbow bridge to Asgard. In maths, the children have used mental and written skills to solve addition and subtraction problems as well as investigating different types of triangles. We are very proud of the hard work of the children this half term!

Autumn Term 2

Year 4 have had a fantastic half term! The children have learnt to play the ukulele using simple notes, chords and strumming patterns. They were particularly excited to perform what they had learnt to parents. In geography, the children investigated where our food comes from and saw how different climates affect food production around the world. In English, the children have written short stories using Christmas as their inspiration and they wrote a memoir using the book Watercress. In science, they investigated the human digestive system and explored different food chains and how energy is transferred in the animal kingdom. Well done Year 4! You have worked incredibly hard this term and we are all very proud of your effort. Have a lovely Christmas and a well-earned rest.

Autumn Term 1


We have had a brilliant half term in Year 4, and we are super proud of how well the children have settled in. We particularly enjoyed our trip to Ufton Court where learnt lots about Anglo-Saxon life. The children learnt how to make a fire, weave wool and conducted their own courtroom trials. We then used some of the facts that we learnt to help us write a non-chronological report in English. The children have also worked really hard in PE, and put together brilliant sequences in our gymnastics unit. They then enjoyed performing these to their partner class. They have also made a super start to learning the ukulele in our music sessions and we look forward to continuing with this next half term. Well done Lions and Bears!

Year 4 Day Trip to Ufton Court - 03/10/2022

Year 4 had a fantastic day at Ufton Court. We spent time learning about Saxon games, Saxon skills and crime and punishment. The children learnt how to make thread, make a wall and create sparks. In the afternoon, we spent time creating a mock trial and deciding what punishments the accused deserved. A brilliant day!