Junior School

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Information for Parents

Parent Information 22-23

Office Hours:

The office is manned from 8.00am-4:30pm, an answerphone is available at other times.  


Queries and Questions:

Should you have any queries or questions please speak to Mrs Candice Appleton, the Senior Admin Assistant, who will help you or pass you on to the correct person.  Teaching and learning queries will be dealt with by your child's class teacher.


School Opening Times:

A member of staff is on duty from 8.35am. Children come straight into school and into their class from 8.35am. Register is at 8.50am. School finishes at 3.20pm.  

The total of hours for a school day is 6.5. Therefore the school week is 32.5 hours.



Absences must be reported to the office by 10am on the first day of absence, and each day thereafter.

If your child is unwell with vomiting and or diarrhoea, they must not return to school until 48 hours after the last bout of illness. This follows national health and safety guidelines.


Time Off:

Time off for children during term time is not normally permitted.  In highly exceptional circumstances a request needs to be made to the Head Teacher.  Absence must be approved prior to booking.



We ask you to ensure that your child attends school appropriately dressed so that he/she will develop a positive attitude towards school both as a community, and as a place of work.

Boys’ Normal Day Wear:

Grey/Black trousers
Grey/Black shorts for summer wear
White shirt/polo shirt
Bottle green sweatshirt or jumper
Girls’ Normal Day Wear:

Grey pinafore dress/skirt or Grey/Black trousers
White blouse/ polo shirt
Bottle green sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan
Green and white cotton dress for summer

Sensible flat-heeled shoes in brown or black
Sturdy sandals may be worn for summer


Sweatshirts, polo shirts, PE tee-shirts, shorts, cardigans and fleeces embroidered with the Anton Schools’ logo can be obtained through Stitch-A-Logo in Andover.




PE Wear for all Pupils  are green Tee-shirt, Bottle Green Football shorts, Jogging/track suit, plimsolls or trainers.  Long hair is to be tied back. 
Football strips are not suitable for PE lessons.

Your child will need a clearly labelled bag for PE clothes, which will hang in the cloakroom throughout the week and will be brought home for washing at the end of each half-term.



Children should be encouraged not to wear jewellery, as this can cause problems with safety during the school day. For safety reasons the county stipulates that the wearing of earrings during PE lessons is forbidden. If your child cannot remove an earring please provide plasters so that they can be covered.


Reading Records:

Children are issued with a reading record each year to record their reading sessions at school and at home. Once these are completed, we do replace them, however if they are lost/damaged, we will charge £1 to cover the cost of these books.



Only prescribed medicines can be given in school. 

Medicines must be in their original, named container.
The office holds a form that must be filled in and signed before medicine can be administered.
Prescription medicines will be held by the office to be used when required.
Inhalers/Epipens may be held in the office/classroom for use as required.
There are first aid trained personnel in school to deal with any incidents that may occur.


School Nurse Team:

If you would like to speak to the school nurse team regarding your child's health or to visit their website for information please use the following link School Nurse Team Website.



A newsletter is sent home as required, via email.  They are also published on the website.
These newsletters include information, dates, news etc. that will be of interest to parents.


Text Message Services:

We run a text message service to give you information as necessary.  This has proved very popular as it has removed the need to send messages home with the children in their bookbags.


School Meals:

The hot school meals are provided by HC3S, the Hampshire County Council's catering team. Children are able to have a choice of either a meat or vegetarian hot meal.  The menu is on a three week cycle, and is changed twice yearly in April and October.  School meals can be ordered and paid for, by Tucasi Scopay. You will be given a link code by the school and full instructions of how to get started. 


Further information can be found in our School Meals Page under the Parents tab.