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Eco Team

We are so excited to introduce our Eco Team! They are working together to give our school grounds a new lease of life, create sustainable spaces, give back to the wildlife around our school and support our school community.


This page will update you weekly on the progress our team is making and the exciting new skills they learn along the way.



We have also registered to be part of the Campaign for School Gardening. Here we can earn awards, receive rewards, guidance and keep up to date with exciting new initiatives. We will keep you posted with our progress in this scheme!



I am very excited to announce ... We have been awarded our level 2 Gardening Award!




Come and Meet Our Team

Our team is lead by Mr Lovegrove and includes a range of children from all year groups. Our children are: 

Heidi A                   Reggie G                   Charlie D

Isla B                   Julien L                   Liam W

Amelia F                   Ralph D                   Hannah T

Clara D                   Willow P                   Thomas T

Kairi P                   Tabi M                   Vaanya K

Olivia G                   Toby O                   Jacob D

Penny G                   Paisley D                   Eric L

Spencer L                   Mya T


The Beginning

The photos below show our grounds before we got started!
















Week 1 ~ 27.02.2024

This week we worked alongside year 3 during their Forest School session and began building our polytunnel. 

Week 2 ~ 04.03.2024

What a wet and windy day it was today!! Today we began digging a tench to bury the base of the polytunnel. We learnt about why this was so important and how this will help us ensure the polytunnel lasts as it should. We are hoping for some drier weather next week so we can add the cover and get planting!! We also have so many leaves to clear from the outdoor amphitheatre! Busy, Busy! 

Week 2 ~ 08.03.2024

We took full advantage of the little bit of sunshine we had today! We now have a cover on our polytunnel and it is secured in place. Next ... the door!


Week 3 ~ 12.03.2024

Why does it always rain on a Tuesday! We spent lots of time sheltering inside the polytunnel today but it does mean we now have lots of seeds planted! I wonder what will germinate first!?



Week 3 ~ 15.03.2024

Due to another rainy Tuesday we managed to get outside during Red Nose Day and start working on the raised beds. Lots of weeding and preparing the soil ready to plant our onions!


Week 4 ~ 19.03.2024

Today we cleared another raised bed and prepared the soil. This will hopefully contain some of our vege plants which we have started off in the polytunnel.


Week 5 ~ 25.03.2024

A little change of day this week due to some of our plug plants arriving! We have potted up:

Echinacea Nectar Pink

Aquilegia Mrs Scott Elliott

Doronicum Little Leo

Leucanthemum Crazy Daisy

Delphinium Dark Blue White Bees

Dianthus Rocking Red