Junior School

Educating the Whole Child


For our spelling curriculum, we follow a spelling scheme called ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ that covers all of the National Curriculum objectives for each year group as well as revising previously taught spelling rules. Spellings is explicitly taught 4 times a week and follows a cycle of: Revise and introduce, teach, practise, apply. Each class uses working walls to display the key vocabulary the children are learning and the spelling rules the class are focusing on.



Strategies for spellings are taught across the school including:

  • Identifying number of syllables within a word. 
  • The use of grapheme-phoneme correspondence charts to help children match a phoneme (sound) with a grapheme (written representation of a sound) 
  • The use of word mats
  • Effective use of dictionaries
  • Teacher modelling of making decisions about spelling at the point of writing
  • Use of whiteboards
  • Sound buttons


‘Spelling Shed’ is also used alongside ‘No Nonsense Spelling’ and weekly spelling words are uploaded for the children to practise at home. Those who need extra support with spellings will be identified and given appropriate spellings for their level of need.


Spelling Shed