Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Year 5

Spring Term 1

In year 5 this half term we have been extremely busy.

In maths, we identified different angles.  We also used a protractor to measure different angles. Once we were confident with this, we had the opportunity to draw angles from a straight line.

In geography, we have been learning about rivers.  We used atlases and google maps to identify and locate different rivers around the world.

Autumn Term 2

What a great half term we have had in Year 5! We have had a visit from a drama group for an Indus Valley experience day to supplement our learning about Ancient Civilisations, which was a definite highlight. In guided reading, we have been reading Room 13 by Robert Swindells, a book about a school trip to a hotel that is not all that it seems… In PE, we have been playing tag rugby and learning the different rules and techniques to succeed with this. As a part of our English learning, we have read Anthony Browne’s King Kong, which the children loved! To kick off the unit, we had a trashed library with banana peels everywhere to investigate… Overall, it has been a lovely half term with lots of Christmassy fun added in the last couple of weeks!

Autumn Term 1


We have had a great half term in Year 5! The obvious highlight has been our Zoolab visit, where the children met various animals, including a snake, tarantula and tree frog! This supported our science work on animals and their life cycles. In English, we have been looking at The Good Guys, a book about fifty inspirational men who have changed the world with kindness. We have all really enjoyed learning about the range of people in the book, and we have even written autobiographical pieces ourselves. Our guided reading text has been Pig Heart Boy, a book about a boy who needs a heart transplant, but ends up receiving a pig’s heart! We have all settled back into school brilliantly and are looking forward to another amazing half term!

Zoolab Visit 10th October