Junior School

Educating the Whole Child


Our vision for English at Anton Junior School

At Anton Junior School, we use rich, engaging texts and progressive learning journeys to develop children’s writing, reading, speaking and listening skills. We believe that reading and writing are the keys to unlock all areas of learning and are crucial to access opportunities in everyday life. It is the responsibility of all adults in our school to be ambassadors for reading and writing, championing these pillars of learning through all subject areas.


By the time pupils leave Key Stage 2, our aim is for all children to:

  • Be confident readers and writers
  • Enjoy reading widely for pleasure and learning
  • Use a range of strategies to read new and increasingly difficult vocabulary
  • Write in different styles, contexts and for different audiences and purposes
  • Write for pleasure and to articulate their feelings or express opinions
  • Be equipped to use and understand a wide range of vocabulary
  • Feel confident to speak and read in front of others
  • Develop listening and comprehension skills
  • Develop an interest in the meaning of words and have a range of strategies to support spelling them correctly
  • Form letters in a legible, consistent and cursive style
  • Use punctuation and grammar effectively to show meaning

The English Curriculum at Anton Junior School:

We strive to achieve our aims by ensuring that we provide a broad and balanced English curriculum. Our lessons are based upon the English National Curriculum objectives and provide opportunities for all children to make progress in the different areas of literacy.