Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Year 6

Hot Midsummer Night (accomp)

Abracadabra reprise (accomp)

Million Tricks (accomp)

Hee-Haw (accomp)

Spotted Snakes (accomp)

Abracadabra (accomp)

Dutiful daughter (accomp)

Hot Midsummer night

Abracadabra reprise

Million Tricks


Spotted Snakes


A dutiful daughter

Mid summer nights dream

Year 6 SATs breakfast


Year 6 have had a busy week completing their SATs tests. They have had the opportunity to come in for a breakfast to give them a fantastic start to the day. They were given the delicious options of: bacon roll, sausage roll, veggie sausage, toast or cereal. We are so proud of all the children in Year 6 and they have been so mature with their attitude to the tests. 

Year 6 'Wicked'

These children came to me with an idea, a script and a ton of enthusiasm and here is the result!
They were completely independent in creating this performance from scratch, from the script writing, to direction and the costumes, to the props, and always practising in their own time.
I felt very proud of what they had achieved and the talent we have here at Anton!

Mrs Bennett

Spring Term 2


We have had yet another busy half term in Year 6. We can’t believe there is only 1 term left before the children leave to spread their wings and fly to secondary. Our topic has been Peru, we located where Peru is situated on a world map and compared it to our location, here in Andover. The children enjoyed learning about plate tectonic and how mountain ranges are formed. We also discussed why Peru is susceptible to earthquakes and the problems these can cause. In art, we have learnt about a South American artist, Romero Britto, who specialises in pop art using bright colours. During English lessons we have focused on Shackleton’s expedition to the South Pole on the Endurance. We wrote an open letter, as if we were Shackleton himself, to young men encouraging them to sign up to join him. We have also just finished some fantastic double page non-chronological reports about the expedition.

SATs Presentation

Completed Greek Vase Project


During our science lessons, we have been investigating making new substances and solutions as well as discovering if they are reversible or irreversible. We learnt how rust is formed on iron nails when they are exposed to moisture and oxygen as well as learning how to solidify salt from a salt water solution. 


In PE this half term, we have been testing our fitness levels with circuits and also learning tri-golf. The children have loved seeing themselves get fitter over the weeks and perfect their aim in golf.

Greek Vases

Year 6 have had a fun-filled term learning about the Greeks. We have discovered the meaning behind the word marathon and learnt that the Greeks liked war and violence as well as literature, science and maths. The children were amazed how much the Ancient Greek civilisation has influenced our lives today with everything from the Olympics to our democratic system. From looking at Ancient Greek pottery we learnt about everyday life. This has influenced us to create our own pottery masterpieces using chicken wire for the frame and mod-roc to form the pot. We then painted it orange and drew our intricate designs on with pencil and carefully painted over them with black paint.