Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Avon Tyrrell - Day 3

Another busy day here at Avon Tyrrell!  The children have once again enjoyed a variety of activities and have got really stuck into them all. Food has been great again - pizza for lunch and roast chicken for dinner. 


After Mrs House felt the need to get a certain few boys wet with water yesterday, it was Mr May's turn today.  I am sure you will be able to work it out for your self by looking at the photographs!

There was also more opportunities for children to challenge themselves and conquer their fears. We are extremely proud of all their efforts today.  A particular highlight was watching a raft building group singing a song at the top of their voices - it was so lovely to see them having such a great time. (We will try and get the video on the website if we can work out how!)


The children are currently enjoying a camp fire so please excuse the brief blog tonight, as we would like to get down there and join in the fun.


Best wishes from beautiful Burley


Mrs House and Mr May



P.S. We will upload a load more photos after the campfire - including the room photos!