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The Burley Bloggers have returned!


Before we even start blogging about today, we know you have been waiting for the result.  Did 6H or 6M win the football match last night?  Well, it was a stunning victory for 6H much to Mr May's disgust! Mrs House now realises that her intensive, secret football training has worked a treat, whilst Mr May and Mr Rist are no longer on speaking terms.  The atmosphere was tense!  However, after the children slept reasonably well, all was forgiven after a delicious yummy fry up!  My goodness it is nice to be cooked a full fry up on a Tuesday morning! 


Today, was the start of a range of activities.  Some were led by the brilliant Avon Tyrrell staff, who have really helped the children to overcome fears.  Others have been led by the equally brilliant Anton staff!  The weather has been beautiful - sun shine all day and we refuse to believe that rain could be coming Thursday.


Numerous activities took place and these have ranged from: canoeing, raft building, zip-wire, climbing, shelter building, orienteering, archery and sports. I must say sitting by the beautiful, tranquil lake, catching some rays was an utter joy.  Laughter, giggling, singing and some rather loud splashes could be heard.  It was really great to see the children having such fun out of the classroom - the least they deserve after all their hard work this year. 


One funny moment of the day took place during shelter building.  It was time for Mrs House to take revenge on a few of the boys!  Once the shelter had been created, it was soon tested out by the children sitting in it and seeing if it could withstand 'torrential rain.'  Taking one boy by complete and utter surprise water heavily soaked him from head to toe!  Responding in the politest of ways, considering the circumstances, and not knowing what to do, he stood there shocked.  (I am sure my time will come!)


Meal times have again been a huge success.  Lunch was BBQ chicken wraps and dinner was good old fish and chips!  The sugary doughnuts for dessert delighted the children, who somehow found space; however, that was nothing compared to Mr Tooby's efforts!


Once again, the children are outside enjoying the evening sun with their friends, whilst Anton staff encourage as much running about as possible to ensure those sugary doughnuts don't come back to haunt us tonight!


The children really have been superb today.  It has been so lovely to see them overcome fears whilst zooming down the zip-wire, setting personal goals in archery and climbing and accidentally 'falling into' the water at any given opportunity during raft building! The laughter has been endless!


We have gone photo crazy today, as we know you all love seeing your children enjoying their time away.  (Don't worry room photos will follow tomorrow so please contain your excitement for now!)


Best wishes and sunny smiles,


Mrs House and Mr May - blogging all day every day


P.S. Can you spot your children's feet and who the poor boys were who got soaked?!