Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

East Dene - Day 1

Good evening from the wonderful Isle of Wight!


Our exciting first day is coming to a close and there have been many highlights along the way.


The excitement of the ferry was visible after a smooth journey on the bus. Cheers erupted on the coach when the ferry came into sight at Southampton docks. Despite some very high winds, the journey was relatively calm and smooth, with most chatting and playing games the entire way. All represented Anton in the manner we would have expected, a great start!


After a short journey on the island, we arrived at our destination of East Dene. At this stage, Storm Gareth was at its peak (not that the children were fazed, just the poor staff!) However, the moment we stepped out into the abyss for our afternoon activities, the skies turned blue and the clouds vanished. What a result!


A visit to the beautiful beach and an afternoon of pirate based activities ensured that smiles continued to plaster the faces of everyone. After Mr Humberstone asking what time dinner was about ten times, fantastic food finally filled everyone’s belly’s, with delicious pudding to top the meal off.


We are looking forward to the evening activity of Fizzical Fun – everyone will be ready for bed after that! We look forward to a brilliant day tomorrow, including some rock pooling and all children becoming ‘smugglers’.


Speak tomorrow J