Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

East Dene - Day 1

Good evening,


Well what a first day we have had!


After waving good bye at the beginning of the day, we began our journey towards the ferry port. Soon, we were boarding the ferry and our crossing began. Despite a slight chop in the water created by the wind, we made it safely to the other side. A short 30 minute journey was all that was left before we arrived at our home for the next few days.


Gasps and ooohs were aplenty as we pulled up to the beautiful building, the excitement was clear for all to see. Once we had eaten, we popped our stuff into our rooms and started the days activities. With an initial tour of the sight, we learnt about dinner times, the site boundaries and had an opportunity to explore the incredible forest area. Following on from this, we made our way down the hill to the beautiful (although very cold and windy) beach to begin our much anticipated rock pooling. Despite blustery conditions, we caught a vast range of aquatic wildlife, including some enormous crabs. Many of the children chose to hold and pick up the crabs - it was noted how few staff chose to do the same!! After sharing our collections with other groups, we returned to the (much warmer!) house. 


We have just finished our delicious dinner, where we were treated to hearty portions and tasty pudding. It's now time to head out for our evening games, where hopefully the final reams of energy will be used up before settling in for a much needed night of sleep. 


I hope you have a lovely evening and I look forward to updating you tomorrow after a brilliant first full day.


Goodbye for now, 


Mr Deery.