Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

East Dene - Day 2

Hello to everyone on this fine Wednesday evening,


I am writing from a cold, wet and blustery East Dene, but the fun and excitement we have had today has kept us all warm.


After our evening activity yesterday, the children settled down quickly when it came to bed time and the affects of a long, exciting day was clear in the sudden silence that fell over the building. 


We woke this morning to beautiful sunshine shimmering off the tranquil waters. Although this didn't last long, it was a calming way to begin another long day of adventures. A tasty breakfast was quickly devoured and we got ourselves ready for our morning of activities. 


Once we had clarified that teachers are not targets, the children had the chance to turn our recent Robin Hood performance into real-life. Fortunately, unlike the performance, no animals or humans were harmed (phew!). We also had the chance to become pirate smugglers and bring contraband onto the Island. The children certainly made wonderful sea merchants lead by their wonderful admirals, a role I know all the teachers enjoyed! Finally, a chance to navigate further around the site brought much laughter and the opportunity to find some valuable, hidden treasure was 


Our evening meal has been eaten, and the refuelling has given everyone a second wind ready for our exciting cluedo-style 'Murder Mystery' evening. I wonder who will do it? I am sure another sleepy night will follow before our final full day of activities awaits!


Have a wonderful evening,


Mr Deery