Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

East Dene - Day 3

My final good evening to you all,


I cannot believe I am writing this for the final time of our East Dene 2020 trip already. Although we have done so much, it has flown by and I'm not sure I am ready to leave this amazing site just yet!


I have to start by discussing our successful 'Murder Mystery' evening, which was a roaring success. I have been convinced to leave a picture of the staff dressed up for you to see - especially as the staff were VERY proactive in upgrading and adding to the costumes that had already been provided by the centre. Following this, we had a brilliant night of rest which meant we woke up this morning ready to attack a new day with invigorated excitement. 


Another hearty breakfast this morning meant we were refuelled for the activities. We started with an activity I know everyone had been looking forward to - fire making! The buzz when the sparks came flying off the flint and steel was amazing and was only increased once the children were able to begin lighting fires. Then, they used their new found survival skills to make some tasty snacks. Now all the children are proficient in surviving in a forest all on their own. I leave that up to you to test out...


This afternoon a series of team building activities were the challenge which we overcome in various ways. A chance to come together as a team one final time was a lovely way to finish. We now await a tasty final dinner before an exciting campfire tonight. 


I would like to thank the staff that have come this week. A lot of preparation and work goes into these weeks, and it can only happen with dedicated, committed staff who are willing to sacrifice time with their families and friends to give the children they work with an unforgettable week. Despite the tiredness, they have continued to smile and laugh with the children and I know that they have enjoyed every second. I also know they will enjoy their beds this weekend.


We would also like to extend the thanks to the staff at East Dene activity centre who have catered to our every need and been extremely to supportive to all the children. 


In terms of tomorrow, we are heading back on the 1:30pm ferry and would expect to arrive back at school around 3:30pm. The school office will update you through messages in the day to let you know if there are any changes. The children are very excited to see you all tomorrow, and I am sure you are too.


Have a lovely last evening, see you tomorrow!


Mr Deery