Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

East Dene Day 3

Good evening all,

We have just this minute finished our final day of activities – now a few tired faces are preparing themselves for dinner. Another fantastic day with so many wonderful activities and, despite the early thunderous rain and high winds, it has brightened into a lovely evening ensuring the excitement for the campfire evening will be rewarded.

After our brilliant ‘Murder Mystery’ evening (picture of staff can be seen below) the children settled swiftly for bed ensuring another excellent night. All staff have been so impressed with the children at night times, which really is the hallmark of a great residential trip.

A host of exciting activities today, with more rock pooling, den building, team building and smuggling activities dominating. 4AD battled the weather to make it down to the beach safely and were certainly rewarded, with a range of wildlife caught. All this whilst 4SD took on the role of local smugglers, bringing contraband onto the shores of the island.

What has been an excellent week is now coming close to its end. The children have been fantastic and a real credit to themselves, their families and Anton Junior School. Despite this, and I know I might be biased, the staff when attending these trips are simply incredible. From the moment we leave, to the moment we return, the entire team is responsible for everyone here with us. Every single moment of thinking is to ensure the children remain safe, which means keeping one eye open when sleeping just in case the dreaded knock occurs. Yet even when it does, the children are greeted with a smile (even when it is unlikely the smile goes much deeper than the surface). Not only this, but then to smile, laugh and have fun with all the children throughout the day, to guarantee they have the best time possible, is nothing short of exceptional. I feel honoured to come away with such outstanding individuals and I could not imagine a better team to take your children through this journey.

The excitement (with a twinge of sadness) is beginning in preparation for our return journey tomorrow. I know there will be a plethora of enormous smiles on display for you all, even if they do spend their evenings asleep. I know that the staff will be heading for an early night!

Thank you for reading, and see you tomorrow J

Quick Note: We will ensure that we keep in contact with the school office so they can inform you all with an approximate arrival time tomorrow.