Junior School

Educating the Whole Child

Stone Farm Day 1

Good evening all,


I am writing this towards the end of a busy yet super first day at Stone Farm.  After a wet drive to Buckfast Abbey, we stepped off the coach and minibus to be greeted with dry skies and even a small amount of sun (small being the operative word!).  After eating lunch, the children got a tour of the abbey before having the opportunity to discover how it was built.  They built archways (and then tested them by walking over them), lifted a 41kg weight using pulleys, built spiral staircases and even looked into the live workings of a beehive!  


After arriving safely at the farm, the children got the 'grand tour' being introduced to all the animals (including the new piglets) and also a whistle-stop tour of the farm jobs they will be doing in the morning.   We then had some time with the animals: collecting eggs from the chickens, walking the rabbits and meeting the new ducklings.  


After a lovely dinner (with seconds) the children were well fed and ready for our evening activities. With their beds made and slippers out ready for their return, we ventured out to do the Stone Farm maze and play some games in the games room.


A fantastic first day, the children are now settling for a story before bed. A good nights' sleep will set us up well for our adventures to Mewlleham Quay tomorrow. 


More to follow tomorrow evening!


Mr Rist