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Stone Farm Day 3: Eden Project

Good evening all,


I have left the children in Mr Sherfield's and Mrs Liddlel's capable hands tonight - as they enjoy the amazing falconary display - in order to ensure I can bring today's blog to you at an earlier time than usual.  


We have had another brilliant day in Devon today; both in terms of activities and weather.  The children have been fantastic and I received some wonderful praise from the staff at Eden Project on their manners and focus throughout our afternoon activity.


After the usual morning farming duties and cereal, followed by hot food breakfast, we embarked on our journey to the Eden Project.  As we arrived, the children were astounded by the enormity of the biomes as well as the picturesque grounds and incredible artwork on show throughout the centre.


After an Anton staff led tour of the Mediterranean Biome - discovering a range of plants and fruits from across Europe - the children were given a task to identify plants and natural resources that would help them survive as part of the Kombai tribe.  Mainly, this involved exploring the 'Tropical Rainforest Biome' and investigating clues to find the plants the tribe uses to survive and how they help them.  The children were fascinated with the different types of plants within the biome and their uses as well as the heat of the biome.  With true Anton determination, we ventured to the top and in Indian Jones fashion, crossed a rope bridge, steam bridge and stood beneath a waterfall.  


After a well deserved sit down (coach trip) home and tour guide information led by Mr Sherfield (see the pictures) the children had some time with the farm animals before enjoying another delicious evening meal. As I am writing this, the children are enjoying a falconary display in one of the farm barns. During this hour, they get to meet, and see in action, a range of birds of prey: an experience I have no doubt will live long in their memories.


All of the staff here continue to work exceptionally hard, leading the day activities and ensuring the children are having a brilliant time as well as one that offers them opportunities they might not have had before.  I am proud of their efforts as well as the behaviour of all the children who are doing us, and you, really proud.